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"You know, '24' is one of my favorite shows of all time, and I never wanted Glenn's character, Agent Aaron Pierce, to get killed off. I always thought it was just Glenn Morshower's acting ability that made that character so likable. After seeing Glenn speak in person, I realized something. While he is a great actor, it was not only his portrayal of Agent Pierce that made me want to see that character stay around, but it was the true essence of Glenn Morshower, the man, that was seeping through. This man's spirit, kindness, and good heart, vibrate at such a high frequency, he must be the ONLY man in all of Hollywood that make-up, cameras, scripts, directors, and editors cannot suppress. His goodness, his clarity, his ability to inspire, reaches through the character, through the make-up, through the lights, and through the camera, and any observer cannot help but to be touched by who Glenn Morshower is at his core! He is a marvelous and inspiring speaking, and quite the dancer too! Thanks Glenn for helping to change my life!"

Kevin E. Clayson



I just wanted to say thank you for speaking at James Malinchak's event in February. My wife and I sat in the front row and we can't tell you enough how touched we were by your talk. The voices have been talking to us for quite some time and listening has been the most incredible blessing.

You're inspiration helped me to provide some real value to a small group of teens at a youth retreat. One girl in particular had very low self esteem and felt like everyone was judging her. At the end of the retreat, we gave affirmations to each participant in our small group and my affirmation to her was that she was already perfect, an unrepeatable event in time and that she had enormous worth. I received a letter of gratitude a few days later from that girl...she said I changed her life.

I'll keep Paying It Forward.


Thanks Glenn...look forward to the movies this summer. My boys are really excited for Transformers and Xmen.

To Your Vision!



I am blessed & truly moved by the things you were compelled to share at the Care Speakers Seminar. Thank you for being you & allowing God to move through you both as a spiritually conscious Actor & a Motivational Truth Seeking- Revealing Speaker. I look forward crossing paths again!

Many Blessings to you and your Family,





I just wanted to say thank you for doing what you do. Your words have impacted me to a point I didn't think possible and it feels really good. Don't ever stop doing what your doing. God has blessed you. Thank you again for everything it means more to me than you know.



Hey Glenn,

Thank you for the opportunity to be in a moment with you and that that moment raised our consciousness to shift to a higher gear.

Many blessings,




Every time I hear you speak, I feel a little lighter. You have an awesome gift to be able to convey a remembrance of the truths in life.

Thank you so much for sharing that!



Hi Glenn,

I just wanted to thank you for being so giving of your time and sharing the essence of the man you are. Not often are people blessed by someone so freely giving of wisdom anad direction athat has enlightened their walk, but I am grateful for your giving heart and spirit.
Be Blessed,

Hi Glenn,

Just wanted to thank you again for your wonderful, enlightening, and ‘wow’, The Extra Mile presentation. There is so much life info in there I'm still
trying to process it all.

Thanks again. I'm so thankful I have had the opportunity to meet you. You are so personable and down to earth…you are way-cool, man!

Take care,


Powerful & very funny...where's the link for facebook & twitter? Everyone should know about you!!

Hi Glenn,

I was very touched by your presentation--and needed to hear what you had to say. It was awesome! Thanks so much!!!

Best to you, 

Dear Glenn:

I wanted to write to express my gratitude for your heartfelt wisdom. I am incredibly blessed to have been
privy to your energy and love of life. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!




Hello Glenn,

The seminar spoke to me. On a lot of levels, it spoke to me PERSONALLY.  Before I walked into "The Extra Mile," I had already convinced myself 
that I would spend my remaining days chasing my dreams. That I wouldn't be afraid of what I want from myself, my life, and this city. Sunday night that changed. My life is no longer about chasing dreams, it's about building realities. "The Extra Mile" taught me to "claim" instead of "chase." To "assert" rather then hope. Not in a way that disrespects or disregards fate, but in a way that shapes, and tailors it to expectation, and realization.

 I see why Glenn's called to share his message. It's a gift to all who receive and those beyond... Subtle shifts we can make have such power on our day, our life...transforming us with more joy, peace, wisdom, and fun... 


I just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you, again for having your wonderful seminar here in Austin! It is so inspirational and helps
re-enforce our need to be positive and remove any negativity holding us back from achievement!
Hi Glenn,
 What a pleasure it was to attend 'The Extra Mile' last night. Thank you for sharing your common sense with us in your clear, honest and enjoyable
manner. Several things touched me on an emotional level and several things on a cognitive level. Today I find myself processing your axioms and
retelling several little lessons to my sister.

Hi Glenn:
Thank you once again for sharing your wonderful "Extra Mile" with us here in Dallas this past weekend. I'm so glad to have had the chance to attend.

For awhile, I have been working on "me." Your seminar (or should I call it your "retreat") gave me a chance to take a day out, check in and celebrate.



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